Topple High Costs And Wasted Space With Collapsible Shipping Crates

Mar 21, 2023 | Durability, Industries, Sustainability, Uncategorized, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

Shipping takes time, costs money, and the required containers and supplies occupy valuable space in your warehouse. What if you could slash all of these? If there was a shipping solution that was totally customizable, laid completely flat, required no additional tools, and saved you money? Would you try it? Oh, and it doesn’t even have the additional headaches that come with traditional import and export compliance. Are you ready to jump ship?

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Collapsible Shipping Crate Options

There are a few different options available. These options range from rigid plastic crates to stackable wooden solutions. Each type of these collapsible shipping crates breaks down to a certain extent and can be stacked. However, when these materials are compared to our EcorrcrateⓇ innovative corrugated lumber solution, they don’t stack up.

Plastic Crates

Plastic collapsible shipping crates are rigid solutions, some of which are customizable. The customizable options have very high startup costs. Their heavy-duty construction means that, while they do lay flat, they still take up more room than other options on the market. These options are heavy, bulky, and can be difficult to store.

Being made from plastic means that these crates are 100% recyclable, which is a good thing because over time these crates can become brittle. Older crates are prone to breakage which leaves your goods and materials at risk. Being made of recyclable plastic is great when it comes to the end of its life cycle…if you have the means and access to recycle these crates.


Wood is a more natural material that is renewable. Wood can be customized but typically these shipping crate solutions do not fully break down and lay flat for easy storage. Wooden collapsible crates have other drawbacks. You need tools and fasteners to construct and break down these crates. That means you also have to keep track of these and potentially replace them if they are lost.

Wood, like plastic crates, can flex. As time wears on, they can become dry and brittle, leaving them prone to shattering. Porous natural material, wood also can absorb moisture, and is prone to pests, requiring the collapsible variety to be treated. Over time though, collapsible wood shipping crates can cause headaches for import and export requirements.

Sustainable Options

Ecorrcrates are not the only sustainable collapsible shipping crates. Other alternatives however do not feature our patented construction, leaving them weaker and less durable. Many of these alternatives also use plastic bases and tops which create bulk and have the same drawbacks as plastic shipping crates. Many of these crate options are hard to set up as they require additional time, handling, and expertise. They are also more difficult to store than our flat and stackable solutions.

How Ecorrcrates Stack Up Against These Other Collapsible Shipping Crates


Using just one material, cross-laminated for strength and durability, to create the crate from top to bottom means that we offer our customers a safe, sturdy, and affordable collapsible shipping crate. Our products stand the test of time and repeat use which also saves our customers from having to purchase new crates again and again.

Lay totally Flat Taking up Minimal Space

The lack of additional pieces and bulky materials mean that our crates truly collapse and lay totally flat. You can stack our crates from floor to ceiling without the risk of toppling and potentially injuring personnel.

No Additional Tools Needed

Ecorrcrates do not require special tools, proprietary fasteners or systems, meaning that you can pack, unpack, build, or collapse each crate wherever, and whenever you need to.


Our innovative crate construction provides the strength of traditional bulky crates with a lighter construction. Lighter materials mean a greater cost savings when it comes to shipping.

Made from Renewable and Recyclable Materials

We construct our Ecorrbord with renewable corrugated paper. This means we use renewable resources to create a sturdy reusable shipping crate that can be recycled when it is no longer needed. These are truly the most eco-friendly and sustainable shipping container products you can buy.

To start your journey to topple your high shipping budget and reclaim wasted space, give us a call today. We’ll walk through all of the options, exactly how you can customize our solutions to your needs. You can expect an accurate quote shortly after.