McNeil Printing Impresses Customers with the Switch to Ecorrcrate

Mar 22, 2024 | Case Studies

McNeil Printing leads the pack in crafting high-quality signage and promotional materials for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. The thing that really sets them apart? Their deep understanding of the changing landscape of business. Innovation has been woven into every client interaction and product, and it shows. They operate on the cutting edge of printing and empower brands every day.


Imagine your production team just finished a sign for your most notable client. You’re tasked with getting it from point A to point B under budget, and you need to get a positive customer review the following week. Selecting from the standard wood crates, you find one that is the right size, pack it with protective material, and gingerly add the sign, instructing the logistics team to take extra care.

Reviewing the details back at your desk, you wince at the final invoice. Sheesh, those heavy wood crates are costly. Oh well, it’ll all work out because the sign will arrive intact. Fast forward to delivery—your customer receives the product. She gives the crate one look, realizes a crowbar and elbow grease are in order, and recruits a burly guy from her shop to help out. Grumbling to herself, she makes a mental note to complain to your team about the inconvenience.

While this is a dramatization of what could have taken place in any of McNeil Printing’s customer interactions, the bottom line stands: The use of heavy wood crates was not only costly for McNeil Printing in terms of shipping expenses, but it also created frustration for their customers who struggled with disposing of the crates. These challenges prompted the company to explore alternative crating solutions that would address both issues.


After searching left and right for a cost-effective, durable, easy-to-use solution, McNeil Printing decided to switch to Ecorrcrate. They chose the version with corrugated runners on the bottom to further reduce weight and enhance recyclability. After experiencing unnecessarily high freight costs and hearing from customers seeking a more environmentally-friendly packaging solution, Ecorrcrate was the perfect fit.


Their team was elated. Chad Allan, McNeil’s Operations Manager, said, “The (Ecorr)crates worked out really, really well. They were very light, our customer was very happy about that and the ability to break them down for recycling.”

Since transitioning to Ecorrcrate, McNeil Printing has experienced significant benefits. The lighter weight of the crates has resulted in a noticeable reduction in shipping expenses, helping the company save money on transportation costs. Customers have also provided positive feedback to the team, sharing that Ecorrcrate’s packaging is easier to handle and, as a breath of fresh air, can be recycled after use.

Overall, the switch to Ecorrcrate has resulted in a win-win for McNeil Printing, demonstrating the value of investing in sustainable packaging solutions that not only benefit the environment but also improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.