It’s not a box.

It's a shipping crate made fromwoodcorrugated lumber.

Make crating your easiest task with the revolutionary and patented Ecorrcrate®, a standalone, all-corrugated shipping crate solution. Presented in a convenient, easy-to-use format, Ecorrcrate is designed to better protect your product at a lower cost.

Exploded view of Ecorrcrate® with labels showing which parts are water resistant or cross-laminated for strength.
  • NConvenient
  • NLight Weight
  • NDurable
  • NSustainable

Do you struggle with:

  • High freight costs due to shipping heavy wood crates
  • Product damage in transit
  • High cost of packaging labor
  • Export quarantine delays

The Bottom Line

We know determining ROI for your company’s bottom line is top priority. Ecorrcrate was designed to be budget-friendly. Take this opportunity to evaluate both your front end and back end costs, including product replacement rates as well as the associated cost of poor customer experiences before finalizing a decision on your shipping solution.

Start on the Right Foot

Ecorrcrates themselves are typically less expensive than common wood crates which is a great starting point.

Reduce Freight

As a lightweight crating solution, Ecorrcrate will lower your freight costs in most situations.


Setup is a Breeze

Ecorrcrate is convenient. Easy and safe fast set up saves time and lowers packaging labor costs.

View Setup Video

Reuse & Repeat

Ecorrcrates are often reused at a much higher turn rate than the traditional wood alternative leaving you with four distinct savings opportunities.


When we do research, checking the reviews is top priority. Why blindly trust a company when you can hear from their customers? With that in mind, here are some words from organizations who have chosen Ecorrcrate as their crating solution. We are confident you’ll like their results.

“Ecorrcrate has been a terrific complement to our full line of industrial packaging. In an increasing competitive landscape, Ecorrcrate gives our sales team something incredibly innovative to go to market with. This unique solution has grown into a top profit center for us.”

Teresa Kalista

Sales Manager, PackageIt

“In my three plus years that I’ve worked with Ecorrcrate, they have continued to be one of my most reliable vendors. They have always been flexible and willing and able to meet our crating and pallet needs. On the rare occasion that there is an issue, they immediately offer to remedy on site or at their facility depending upon our preference. They also bring cost savings design integrations along with their excellent customer service and quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their crating and pallet needs.”

Tim Albright

Purchasing Office, FOODesign

“I wanted to let you know we sent the 2 trial crates out, to MN for a sign demo, and they just got back to us yesterday. They are in great shape! Thanks for a great product! Take care.”

Steve Powell

Logistics Manager, YESCO

Wait…It’s sustainable and durable?

Finding a reliable, highly durable shipping solution that is also sustainable is often quite challenging. Wood is a renewable resource but typical disposal is in the dumpster headed for the landfill.

This is where Ecorrcrate stands alone in the crated goods industry. Ecorrcrate is built from paper-based corrugate lumber. Our proprietary cross-laminated material gives the Ecorrcrate superior multi-directional strength and durability to better protect your products.

Strong, highly Water Resistant, Shatterproof, Easy to assemble, Renewable, Easily recycled, and ISPM15 compliant, we are confident that Ecorrcrate will improve your processes and lower your Carbon footprint.

When you need dependability and sustainability, you can count on Ecorrcrate.

How it Works

1. Tell Us Your Needs

What dimensions are required for your product?
Are you looking for a water-resistant coating?
Does your crate need to hold 250 lbs or 25,000 lbs?


2. See the Savings

We will work with you to determine what your current expenditures are in comparison to what they could be with Ecorrcrate.

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3. Order a Sample for Testing

After you look over the quote, we encourage you to order a sample Ecorrcrate. Test for performance and fit. We are confident the durability, sustainability, and value will exceed expectations.


4. Enjoy peace of mind

With the strength and durability of the Ecorrcrate, you will be excited to ship products knowing they are safe, secure, reusable, and end up recycled rather than in a landfill.

Ecorrcrate Shipping Crates Materials and Warehouse

Where it all began

The economic pressures of the last major recession were our motivation to find a solution. It facilitated the invention of Ecorrcrate, and now Ecorrcrate is meeting the new demands that have emerged from uncontrollable market forces such as:

  • Significant financial pressure created a demand for a lower cost crate
  • Increasing concern for the environment created demand for a more earth-friendly crate.
  • Rising shipping costs created demand for a lighter weight crate.
  • Challenges in the world of export created demand for an ISPM15 Export certified crate that would move seamlessly along the supply chain without interruption.