Protecting Students, Teachers, and the Environment

Desk dividers are vital to promote health and safety in classrooms during the COVID-19 outbreak. Instead of investing in plexiglass or rigging up shower curtains, why not choose a recyclable solution with durability and minimal assembly?

Ecorr Desk Divider® corrugated desk divider with windows in the sides and plastic shields to protect students in classrooms

Desk Dividers

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Say, “Hello,” to a durable, cost-effective, patented, and eco-friendly crating solution.


  • Built to withstand the rigors of shipping
  • Water Resistant barrier from the elements causes moisture to bead
  • Unparalleled stacking strength due to cross-laminated corrugate material


  • Compared cost of an ECORRCRATE® to a traditional wood crate
  • Less than half the weight of comparable wood crates reducing freight costs
  • Knock-down versions save storage space between shipments

People & The Environment

  • Made with recycled material (even the adhesive!)
  • Easy to disassemble
  • Minimizes employee risk through lightweight construction and durability