The Evidence

Ecorrcrate is a revolutionary wood crate alternative made from Corrugated paperboard, designed to perform as well or better than a traditional wood crate. We put this claim through various tests in the following videos.


Ecorrcrate forms an all-around safety barrier to protect your product. We took some time to highlight the individual aspects that are most important in crated shipping in the following videos.

Drop Test

Ecorrcrate performs perfectly in this extreme drop test; wood crate not so much.

Lid Strength Test

The Ecorrcrate lid is strong and designed to resist puncture as well as top-down damage.

Static Load Test

We design for stacking to conserve floor space and to allow for better load utilization in shipping.

Full Durability Video

See all of the strengths of Ecorrcrate in one easy-to-view video; drop test, lid strength test and static load test.


Dollar-for-dollar, Ecorrcrate is a value-packed wood crate alternative; from easy set-up of a perfectly-sized crate to worry-free international shipping, the following videos highlight the value you will enjoy in shipping in Ecorrcrate.


Custom Fit

Each crate is designed and built to your specifications and to best fit your needs. Drawers, shelves, internal packaging is all a part of providing a complete solution.


Use Case Scenario

Watch as Devin, an expert in aviation MRO, assembles this crate to fit a CFM Booster Spool. This design will fit multiple sizes of this part family.



See why Ecorrcrate provides a better crating experience in this quick overview of all of the key features and benefits designed into Ecorrcrate.

Setup Instructions

Watch how easy it is to set up your Ecorrcrate from collapsible to product-ready.

Easy Setup

There is no collapsible crate easier to set up than an Ecorrcrate. Be ready to pack and ship in a matter of minutes.