Shipping Crate Durability

ECORRCRATES® create a natural, all-around, resilient cushioning barrier for your product to resist transit damage and provide a more durable crating solution.

Drop Test

See how Ecorrcrate handles in comparison to a wood crate being dropped with a heavy metal part inside. The product is safe, and the crate is intact. The same cannot be said for the wood crate.

Lid Strength Test

A crate is only as strong as its weakest component. Fortunately, Ecorrcrate’s lid is just as durable as the crate itself. Puncture-resistant, the lid protects your product from top-down damage.

Static Load Test

Cost savings extends to floor space which is why we designed Ecorrcrate to stack like you wouldn’t believe. Need more stacking strength? Ask about our everyday crates that can stack up to 12,000 lbs.

Full Durability Video

We’ve combined the above videos into one, comprehensive example of Ecorrcrate’s durability. Whether your crate falls or something falls on it, your product is safe and protected.


What about those rainy days?

ECORRCRATES® are highly water resistant:

  • The first layer of defense is a high-quality, repellent coating making the component pieces virtually waterproof.
  • Unlike with traditional wood crates, rain and water bead up and roll off of the surface of ECORRCRATE making it virtually impossible to penetrate the ECORRBOARD®.
  • Finally, any residual water or moisture attempting to bypass the outer layer, around the edges and seams, are absorbed into the ECORRBOARD core, providing a final line of defense against penetration.

Result?! The inside of the ECORRCRATE, and your product, stay dry!


Minimize Damage

Damaged product and the associated rework, as well as the cost of customer returns and reship are very real, but a topic we often try to avoid! These associated costs of product damage in shipment are not only a drag on profits but also a hassle with a negative impact on your customer’s experience.

In addition to the incredible stacking strength, ECORRCRATES® are easier on your equipment! Unlike hard, abrasive wood, the softer corrugate material is unlikely to damage the inside walls of trucks in loading. Also, ECORRCRATES create a natural, all-around, resilient cushioning barrier for your product to resist transit damage.

Independent lab testing and customer testimonials prove the strength of ECORRCRATE will protect even the most fragile of products.


Why not a wood crate?

ECORRCRATES® are built to withstand the rigors of shipping. The cross-laminated corrugate building material makes ECORRCRATE strong from all directions. Corrugate has memory, unlike wood, so it pushes back when impacted!

Being stiff and brittle, wood is more susceptible to structural failure than ECORRCRATE.


Performance starts at the top

The lid of the ECORRCRATE® provides excellent barrier from the elements – rain, snow, ice – moisture beads up and rolls right off of the ECORRCRATE. Most wood crates are water permeable with little, or no, protection from wet conditions. In addition, the ECORRCRATE lid is reinforced to perform, allowing you to stack other items on top!