Testimonials From Our Customers


In my three plus years that I’ve worked with Depin, they have continued to be one of my most reliable vendors. They have always been flexible and willing and able to meet our crating and pallet needs. On the rare occasion that there is an issue, they immediately offer to remedy on site or at their facility depending upon our preference. They also bring cost savings design integrations along with their excellent customer service and quality. I would highly recommend them to anyone for their crating and pallet needs.

Tim Albright // Purchasing Officer


ECORRCRATE has been a terrific complement to our full line of industrial packaging. In an increasing competitive landscape, ECORRCRATE gives our sales team something incredibly innovative to go to market with. This unique solution has grown into a top profit center for us.

Teresa Kalista // Sales Manager


I wanted to let you know we sent the 2 trial crates out, to MN for a sign demo, and they just got back to us yesterday. They are in great shape! Thanks for a great product! Take care.

Steve Powell // Logistics Manager

Rose City Recumbent Cycles, LLC

Having spent many years in the bike industry, it is amazing to see how many are shipped in standard boxes where bikes continually show up damaged or loose in the packaging. Shipping is sadly an often overlooked part of the customer experience. When the delivery arrives before a customer opens the box they are building an opinion of your brand. What will they open? A box with a loose bike that rattled all across the country and is damaged? A box packaged full of non-recyclable foam or other material that will be a hassle to dispose of? A box crammed with other waste boxes and other materials to “protect it” but it only resembles a big box of leftover trash?

We have been using the ECORRCRATES for well over a year now for the shipment of our high performance recumbent bikes and have been nothing short of amazed at the quality. Packaging done right and designed for your product. We spend less time than before packaging since the crates are purpose designed and built. When we ship a bike, we know that it will arrive safely AND that the customer will have an enjoyable experience unpacking their purchase.

With the help of ECORRCRATE, we have been able to ship our bikes with a minimal amount of waste packing material, allowing our customers to receive their bicycle in perfect condition every time.

Robert Holler

Close up of someone riding a bike