Aerospace professional leaves industry to join Ecorrcrate’s mission

Apr 5, 2024 | Case Studies

Devin Gressel worked in the aerospace industry for over 25 years, and one of his responsibilities was ensuring parts were delivered to customers worldwide safely and on budget.

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As with most aviation MRO providers, his company used wooden crates but got mediocre results at best. He shared his experience saying, “These heavy crates cost more in several ways and are hard to handle. They took up a lot of space in the warehouse and had stacking issues due to many different sized crates for the same part. The cost of the chemicals for spray foam seemed like it went up every time we had to order it. And then all the time that was spent securing parts safely into these crates and the list goes on and on.”


Devin first encountered Ecorrcrate a few years ago and knew this was going to be the future of crating. He recently teamed up with us to help design crates for the Aerospace industry.

“It solves the majority of the issues dealing with wood crates,” said Gressel. The following are a breakdown of the benefits he sees in Ecorrcrate in his own words.

Light weight

“Since they’re up to 70% lighter than the respective wood crate, they are easy to handle and freight costs are reduced.”

Optimized Storage

“You’re able to have more of these on hand in the limited storage space with their knockdown feature that takes them down between 9 to 13 inches high.”

Fewer SKU’s

“Rather than getting twelve different crate sizes, you can use the same one for the same part number as well as the same part type in most cases.”

Improved User Experience

“Foam inserts, strapping, and dividers makes the process of loading and unloading super easy and efficient.”

Internationally Preferred

“There is no need for heat treat stamps which is great for international shipments.”


“On top of all that, the crates are sustainable.”


Gressel’s goal in joining the team was to help make it easier for other Aerospace Customers to switch to Ecorrcrates and stop the headaches of dealing with wood crates.

“I still shake my head thinking back on all we put up with using wood crates before,” Gressel said in closing, “Using Ecorrcrates is simply…well a simple choice that I wished I had made years ago.”