Global Shipping is Better in a 100% Corrugated Crate

Aug 15, 2022 | Durability, Industries, Shipping Tips, Sustainability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

The pressure is rising on better shipping practices to meet today’s new realities and challenges; the demand for faster, cheaper, more reliable, and more sustainable packaging requires an innovative solution. The major import-export hubs are jammed, and freight is being punished in the process.

So you read this and agree, now what? Would you be surprised to think that an all-corrugated crate would be the solution?  Our rapidly growing list of customers in a wide variety of industries would indicate the patented technology in Ecorrcrate is exactly what is needed. See how Ecorrcrate fits in your industry.

In this Blog we will unpack the keys to why our customers and us are excited about this disruptive technology. How is Ecorrcrate disruptive, it just looks like someone flipped over a box onto a pallet?  As we hope you will see, Ecorrcrate is a standalone, one-of-a-kind solution that has no comparable alternative. A far cry from a box on a pallet.

Simple or Ingenious?

Intuitively, you know that Ecorrcrate can’t be a simple box because it is patented.  Here is what makes Ecorrcrate a unique and simple system:

  1. Unlike a box most often made from one or two pieces of folded, scored, and glued corrugate, the basic Ecorrcrate is composed of six individual component pieces; one bottom piece, one top piece, two side pieces and two end pieces.
  2. The two side pieces and two end pieces are made from cross-laminated corrugated paperboard in a proprietary process that gives them incredible strength and durability. This is the main structure of your crate.
  3. The six individual component pieces in the basic Ecorrcrate slide together and are secured in less than 2 minutes. That’s Fast! See for yourself!

Overall Cost Reduction

But, is Ecorrcrate actually cheaper than a wood crate? The cost of an actual Ecorrcrate varies from a cost that is similar to that of a conventional wood crate, down to as low as 30% less expensive. Additional cost saving potentials are in the details. Our customers report a much lower overall cost using Ecorrcrate and here four reasons why:

  1. The lightweight construction of Ecorrcrate reduces freight costs in most situations.
  2. The fast set up reduces labor time and labor expenses.
  3. The durability and strength of Ecorrcrate reduces and often eliminates returns and shipping damage. See the evidence of its’ Durability in our videos.
  4. The ease of custom construction to meet your specifications coupled with better durability will often allow for some downsizing. Those extra inches cost you money, so we suggest right-sizing your crate for even lower cost solution.

Unanimous Reliability

You may be thinking this looks pretty good but not sure how Ecorrcrate might be more reliable. Reliability is subjective to your company initiatives and mission directives. Very often, larger companies consider reliability differently than smaller companies. All of our customers, large and small, report these reliability metrics as very important to them:

  1. Reliability of budgets – Price increases are difficult in any industry but corrugated paperboard is one of the most stable commodities, it does not move radically with little or no notice.
  2. Reliability of a short learning curve for new associates. Training to use Ecorrcrate is quick and easy. Just two or three times putting an Ecorrcrate together and nearly anyone can be an expert. The result is a soft landing for your product every time.
  3. The Reliability of disposal. More than 85% of all corrugated is recycled. The recycle system is already in place all over the world and isn’t going anywhere.
  4. The Reliability of ISPM15 compliant Ecorrcrate has your exports buttoned up.

Sustainable Ecorrcrate is better for you, your customers, and the environment.  Made from readily renewable resources and easy to recycle, there is no better choice than an all-corrugated crate for meeting your environmental initiatives.

Not Global? No Problem!

Finally, you may be reading this but you aren’t shipping Globally. Is Ecorrcrate right for you?  Whether you are shipping from California to Ohio, Texas to Pennsylvania, or Illinois to Florida or just across town, Ecorrcrate will empower you to ship at an overall lower cost, more quickly, reliably, and sustainably.

Find out how Ecorrcrate shipping crates could be the right solution for you by contacting us.

If you are a packaging company interested in building new innovations or a crate manufacturer looking for an exciting way to add new revenue/profit streams, then we are looking for you too. We are seeking new manufacturing partners across the United States. To learn more, contact:

Dean Andree
National Affiliate Network Director for Ecorrcrate
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