How Collapsible Crates Stack Up and Help Save Floor Space

Jan 19, 2023 | Value, Why Ecorrcrate

Floor space comes at a premium cost in most major markets today. When the facility is climate controlled, it really gets expensive. Floor space is a limited resource as expansion requires moving walls or building add-on space which requires a Cap-X evaluation and ROI analysis. With rising interest rates and the cost of building materials impacted by high inflation, this is an expensive time to expand.

Having outlined these expense factors, does it really make sense to add floor space for the storage of expense items? In most cases, we don’t believe it is. So, how can your company better utilize your floor space and still grow? Using a collapsible crate is one option that clearly stands out. A collapsible crate solution allows for better stacking up, taking advantage of otherwise unused vertical space (that empty overhead space above your current solution).

What is a Collapsible Crate and How Do They Work?

A collapsible crate is a crate that is designed to knock down from its usable size into a compact size when not in use. On average, a collapsible crate will be constructed from 4-6 individual, removable components. Once disassembled, these components are stacked flat on top of each other, often in a kit format. This reduces the dimension of the crate when it is not in use. Collapsible crates are most commonly made from wood, metal, or plastic materials or some combination of these materials. Most collapsible crate kits can then be stacked on top of one another.

The Benefits of Collapsible Crates

If you have no experience with collapsible crates, the concept may have you feeling apprehensive, considering that “crates” and “collapsible” are being used in the same sentence. I mean, no one wants a crate that will collapse, right? Isn’t that bad?

A collapse in shipment is the worst case. Therefore it is critical that you use a collapsible crate appropriate for your application, one that will perform as well or better than a prebuilt structured crate throughout the shipping cycle.

Stacking your storage solutions means that you now have more floor space available in your current business location, up to 350% more space! You can safely receive, process, and store shipments. Stacking your storage and shipping materials also means that you can have more materials on hand, enabling you to scale your business without needing additional space.

Collapsible shipping crates offer safer, easier, and faster handling. Securely stacking your crates means less toppling and higher stacking. You can even combine different sizes and shapes in these stacks. This option allows for quicker movement as you can pick up an entire stack of crates and move them all in one go.

Using collapsible and stackable shipping materials makes return shipping a breeze!

How Collapsible Crates Save Money

What is the bottom line, how do collapsible crates save money? As you read through the above you are likely framing some ideas on how this concept could save you money. Each of the benefits of collapsible crates are money-saving features.

Faster Handling

Time is money, right? The faster you can receive, process, and ship an item is an important variable in your business. Unloading your order of collapsible crates on delivery is quicker and easier, reducing labor time. More crates in a condensed format means less shipments to unload too. Moving them into storage takes less time, as does. Putting them away this new inventory takes less time.

This also means that you will have more crates close to the point of use. Instead of dropping one to four crates next to the packing area, the same floor space could hold as many as 18.

Lower Storage Costs

Collapsible crates are easier to store and stacking up means you will use less floor space to store collapsible crates. Multiple sizes can be stacked on top of one another for better floor space utilization and storage density. You know that higher storage density means money saved.

Increased Reusability

Collapsible crates will often organically foster sustainable reuse where it was not previously possible. The reusability of a fully constructed crate is hampered by the storage space required to hang on to them until they are needed again or until there are enough of them accumulated for return.

A fully collapsible crate can be stored at up to a 350% decrease in required storage space which will often cause a shift in viewpoint. We have noticed that many customers that start using a collapsible crate realize that reuse is now an option. They see how easy they stack up and begin to question, “throwing away a perfectly good crate”. Reuse is an incredible cost savings opportunity for you, given that your purchases of new crates will decline significantly.

We should also mention that collapsible crates have a lower cost of maintenance than other forms of returnable and reusable containers for those already involved in a return-for-reuse program. This results from the fact that collapsible crates are made from individual components. If a component is damaged, in many cases you can simply purchase a new component, rather than scrap the entire container and have to buy a new one.

How will my customers react to this new packaging?

A better customer experience with lower risk to contents generates additional savings!

Traditional, fully constructed crates most often require hammers and pull-bars for disassembly increasing injury risks to your people. Breaking down a crate in this way also increases incidental damage risk to your product in the customer’s attempt to access the contents of the crate. Let’s face it, if your product is damaged in unpacking, your customer is NOT going to be happy.

Most, if not all, of your customers will be excited about collapsible crates. Why? Because they are easier and less costly for them too. Let’s look at your process in reverse. When your customer receives your shipment in a collapsible crate, they easily dissemble the crate in no time, often with few if any tools, to remove the packaged product. They can then easily dispose of the crate components at the end of its use.

Ecorrcrate Collapsible Crates

Ecorrcrate is a collapsible crate solution that is first-in-class, has all of the tangible values of other collapsible crates but is also the easiest and safest of all of the options, and is the most sustainable option. How does Ecorrcrate stand apart from the other options?

  • Our components are light weight
  • They are set up and broken down in minutes with NO tools
  • The “kit” format is easily stackable
  • Component replacement is easy and cost effective
  • We offer an ideal customer experience
  • Made from renewable resources and are easily recycled

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