Have you ever been to the MRO Americas Show? It is known for bringing the airline supply chain together; showcasing the latest innovations in Maintenance, Repair, and Operations; and providing opportunities for those with boots on the ground to connect and network.

Our experience at MRO Americas – Aviation Week

We recently had the pleasure of exhibiting for the first time. Unexpectedly, reactions were above and beyond what we hoped as a new presence at MRO. Many companies walked up to our booth, and before we could even say hello, commented with— “Oh wow, this is amazing packaging,” “This is incredible,” “Why hasn’t someone already thought of this,” “This packaging looks very professional,” “These designs are perfect for what we do.” This was the introduction to more than half of our interactions.

Over 50 companies requested a follow-up. These companies have current applications that need custom designed Ecorrcrate solutions for their parts and projects. A number of the companies requested meetings for the following week and scheduled them on the spot.

This is by far the largest, well-qualified response we have ever received at a trade show. And, the most engaging trade show that we have experienced. There wasn’t one visitor that said “oh, these won’t work for us.”

Normally, on the last day, the exhibitors are standing around waiting to pack up and leave and MRO Americas was no exception. Except for us. We had steady traffic from the start of the show right up until the last hour of the show – it was incredible!

Our visionary Aviation specialist, Devin, saw this over a year ago. He had the foresight and wisdom to help us factor in the exact issues and challenges our potential customers face to create the perfect designs.

The Ecorrcrate solutions we featured at this show could not be more perfectly positioned for the Aviation MRO industry. They not only meet every need but exceed the needs that exist and possibly future needs as well.

Ecorrcrate's booth at the MRO Americas show 2024

Up to 75% Lighter than Current Solutions

  • Each design will fit, secure, and protect multiple part sizes, most commonly within a part “family,” without heavy use of void fillers and bracing products. This is revolutionary! We are on the cutting edge; the first to offer this solution.
  • One of the biggest wins is that companies will never again have to use spray foam to protect their parts. These designs are actually faster to pack than spray foam, which is one of the most significant Ecorrcrate wins to-date.
  • The crate, the protection inside, and the closure system are all incredibly easy to use; intuitive, fast and easy.
  • Say goodbye to the complex packaging process that involves handling a bulky crate and then hastily searching for additional void fill to ensure the part is secure.

It might be time to talk to your maintenance team

When is the last time you spoke to the boots on the ground in your company? Or maybe that’s you and you keep trying to get the ear of management to address the efficiency and usability of your crating solution. Whatever your story, we hear you and are here to make your life easier. Innovation is here, cost savings is possible, and efficiency is just around the corner. If you’re ready to improve performance and provide a better experience for your team and customers, reach out today.