People & The Environment

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Close the Loop in Sustainability

Trees – Paper – Corrugate – ECORRCRATE® – Compactor – Recycle Process

  • Constructed from basic, 100% renewable resources
  • ECORRCRATES are easy to recycle – 100% recyclable, in your standard recycle program, with other paper and corrugate materials.
  • ECORRCRATES are reusable – the reliability and durability make ECORRCRATES an excellent candidate for reuse.
  • The light weight construction of ECORRCRATES reduces Supply Chain energy use i.e. forklift, transportation fuel
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Tired of Those Workplace Injuries?

  • Easy to assemble – no risky power tools needed for assembly.
  • Light weight
    • Reduces the risk of a lost time workplace injury event
    • Reduces worker fatigue
    • Improves morale
    • Paper surface reduces incidental contact risk.

Reusable Shippers

With some simple modifications for ease of knock down and set up, ECORRCRATES® are easily transformed into a robust, reusable shipper.

Normal shipping wear and tear are no problem for ECORRCRATES, the same wear and tear that is so detrimental to shipping in a traditional wood crate. ECORRCRATES are not brittle and maintain structural integrity at a higher rate than a traditional wood crate. Set up, knock down and re-close does not create damage points, unlike the closure method of most wood crates.

ECORRCRATES are constructed in modular components. If damaged beyond use, each component can be replaced at a minimal cost as compared to replacing the entire unit!