Save Green while Going Green

May 12, 2020 | Durability, Sustainability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

ECORRCRATE Shipping Crates are easily recycled

Working hard to make your business more sustainable? Shipping is an area where businesses struggle to meet their sustainability goals. Even the most earth-friendly companies find it extremely difficult to avoid the use of shipping materials that are difficult or impossible to recycle. The mission of Ecorrcrate is to mitigate the burden on our natural resources with an eye toward eliminating the waste, hassle and overall cost burden associated with use of inefficient materials. We do this by offering recyclable, customizable, reusable, and affordable product solutions.

Our ethical and responsible shipping solutions start with corrugated paperboard that contains recycled content. Then we use an earth friendly glue to bind the layers of corrugated paperboard to form a sturdy building material. Watch videos on strength and durability here!

Our easy-to-build process allows us to customize crate sizes and shapes to your unique shipping needs with no tooling or set-up charges. Ecorrcrate is even coated with an earth-friendly, highly water-resistant coating to responsibly protect your product! Watch our water resistance video here.

Shipping in Ecorrcrate will save your business money, improve customer satisfaction, and make a positive impact on our environment and our economy.

The Old Way

Traditional Wood Crates

Wooden shipping pallets and crates are used across the world, which puts an incredible burden on our natural resources. In addition to the stress placed on our forests, they also break the sustainability chain as soon as they are put into use. Wood crates are heavy and costly to ship, placing a greater burden on the use of fossil fuels for transport. Finally, as there is no easy way to recycle wood, they most often end up in landfills across the globe.

Insects and Pesticides

Pallets and wooden crates are known for transporting more than just consumer goods and raw materials. They are a known cause for transporting insects to the other sides of the world and upsetting entire ecosystems. In the U.S. trees like ash and maple have been decimated by insects from Asia who hopped aboard a nice and cozy shipping crate made of wood. To combat this, wood products are often treated with harmful pesticides and other harsh chemicals to increase moisture resistance and to address other environmental challenges. Ultimately, these chemically infused pieces end up in landfills.

Traditional Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

The heaviest style corrugated box may handle a few hundred pounds in stacking strength for a time but are not really meant for heavy product shipping. To achieve the necessary higher levels of stacking strength, wood must be incorporated into the design to add support to a standard corrugated box. This type of design quickly becomes heavy, complicated, time consuming to assemble, costly, and difficult or impossible to recycle.

Moisture, Instability, and Breakdown

Standard boxes offer low-level protection from moisture even when coated with a water-resistant layer. With multiple opportunities for the water to get into a standard box design, you are then dealing with box failure from moisture saturation.

Additionally, there are too many points on a standard box that “give way” under pressure and cause a complete collapse of the container (catastrophic failure). Once one portion of the box gives way, the rest will follow. This also holds true for a wooden crate. Once the structure is compromised, there is a high probability of catastrophic failure.

Ecorrcrates are built with cross-laminated corrugated paperboard utilizing our proprietary manufacturing process. The road to catastrophic failure of an Ecorrcrate is a long one, affording you multiple uses, protected goods, and ultimately, satisfied customers.

More Shipping Considerations

A standard box is closed with tape, staples, or glue. If not closed properly, the number of failure points increases, easily leading to increased damage risk to your cargo and customer goodwill.

Boxes must also be secured to a pallet for shipping. This process can crush the box edges, starting the catastrophic failure process even before it gets out the door. In addition, pallets do not usually match well to the size of the box being shipped, increasing waste, labor, risk of damage, and shipping costs.

The Best Way

Work less, be more sustainable. Ecorrcrates make this easier with simple solutions that work for you rather than against you. Made from recycled and endlessly recyclable materials, we’re pulling products from landfills rather than filling them up. No special dumpsters or services required. When your crates have served their purpose, just cut the bands and place the corrugated paperboard pieces in your recycling receptacles. It’s that easy. And that green!

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