Industries We Serve

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ECORRCRATES® are rapidly becoming the shipper of choice in Aerospace! Now in use with several Top Tier OEM’s as well as the early adopters in the 2nd and 3rd Tier levels. With the light-weight nature of Aerospace parts and assemblies, traditional wood crates are often 70-80% of the total shipment weight. With rapidly escalating freight costs, it is more important than ever to reduce the shipping weight!

ECORRCRATES are significantly lighter when compared to wood crates (40-75% lighter) with freight savings attached of 15-30%, on average! Simply put… ECORRCRATES are reducing cost and outperforming the competition!

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FDA approved for direct food contact, ECORRCRATES® are the perfect alternative to fixed-sized bins! The knock-down storage design minimizes storage for reuse, and, no more low weight limits on stacking strength! With the incredible ECORRCRATE stacking strength, you will reduce finished good storage space.

ECORRCRATES will not only hold moisture in, or out, but will have less internal temperature variation as compared to other common shippers. Need to hold a specific temperature range? Let us design-test a shipper that meets ALL of your needs!



The automotive industry is ahead of the curve in reusable packaging! A variety of resuable roadables are already in use. But do they address the issues of weight reduction for lower shipping costs, incredible stacking strength to better utilize floor space, the use of 100% renewable resources, or the high cost of refurbishing and replacing damaged shippers? No?!

ECORRCRATES® do all of this and more! Ideal for shipping a wide array of automotive parts, from wiring harnesses to motors, let’s get started on your project!



Doors, Windows and other pre-fabricated construction products are often shipped in wood structured containers. Shipping these products in this way is time consuming. Building the wood shipper, adding bracing, protective foams and other surface protectors, as well as a significant increase to shipping weight, all add up to higher costs. On top of this, disposal is of the packing material is challenging.

ECORRCRATE® is a robust alternative that will reduce your costs. The primary building material in ECORRCRATE, ECORRBOARD®, in conjunction with ECORRblocks will better protect your heavy, yet fragile products, from shipping damage. Increased and safer productivity, lower shipping weight, better protection for the product, and easily recycled / light-weight disposal all add up to Cost Savings! Contact us now! We are ready to work on your next project!



EORRCRATES® are ideal for shipping into the Energy sector. Products shipped in for use in the Oil, Gas and Renewable Energy sectors are typically installed in the field (literally) and often near water ways. Light weight ECORRCRATES making delivery and re-positioning a breeze, while carefully protecting your critical components from the elements without disrupting nature!

Disposal of ECORRCRATES is easy! The light weight components of ECORRCRATE break down quickly with no need for tools and the material is gentle on the environment and wildlife. Disposal is a snap!

Disposing of heavy wood crates is challenging!

First, they must be broken down with tools – watch out for those nails, screws, and splintered wood!

Second, finding a place for proper disposal in rural areas?! Challenging! Get ready for that long drive to a wood recycling facility!

Third, shipping in wood crates often requires additional, non-Eco-friendly, complimentary products to protect critical components from the elements. What do you do with all of that foam?!

Let us design an ECORRCRATE utilizing ECORRBOARD® dunnage blocks for a completely sustainable solution! Eliminate your “in-the-field” trash hazards with ECORRCRATE!


ECORRCRATES® are always ISPM15 export-compliant, whether shipped on a heat-treated and stamped wood pallet, corrugate pallet, or plastic pallet.

Many countries, including all countries in Europe and, most recently, Japan, are highly resistant to receiving product in all-wood shippers. Wood disposal in many countries is a costly issue. But, corrugate products are gladly accepted given the ease of recycling. Most countries maintain rigorous corrugated recycling programs making ECORRCRATE the Export shipper of choice!

Our proprietary ECORRSHIELD® Water-Resistant Linerboard offers excellent water-hold out (or hold-in depending on need) allowing for stronger, sturdier, and safer containment. And, the standard ECORRCRATE is moisture-absorbing on the inside pulling moisture away from your product as it travels in its onboard shipping container bound for overseas.

Say goodbye to your struggles in exporting with worry-free ECORRCRATES!

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Furniture / Wood Products

Better protect your elegant and high value furnishings with ECORRCRATE!®

Packaging furniture efficiently and cost-effectively is a challenge! Metal and wood furniture for the home, office, medical facility and hospitality industries, are heavy products that, unfortunately, easily incur damage from dings and structural failure. Upholstered products are highly susceptible to damage from rubs and scuffs in transit.

Unlike many industries, shipping furniture requires a significant amount of packaging that generates a lot of waste. A lot of product produces a lot of waste. Wood and metal are great for making furniture but are not so great for packaging with the increased opportunity for incidental damage. There is nothing more frustrating than for you to take the time and effort to securely package your product, just to have it damaged in unpacking.

ECORRCRATES reduce waste and offer a high performance, easy-to-use, lighter weight, durable shipping option for all of your high value furnishings! Contact us now to get started!

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Within the Healthcare Industry, there is a broad spectrum of products shipping in robust, secure containers, across the country and across the world! These High Value, High Cost products include Pharmaceuticals (liquid and solid), Durable Medical Equipment, Large and small Diagnostic Equipment, and sensitive metering and testing equipment, to name a few.

Many of these products require higher cost, temperature-controlled shipping to meet industry requirements. Climate controlled shipping is great, up to the point where your refrigerated product inadvertently freezes due to the uncontrollable variations in Reefer trailers.

With improved insulating characteristics as compared to a traditional wood crate, ECORRCRATE® provides a temperature barrier from the external shipping and storage environment, allowing you to better manage and limit internal temperature variation in your shipment.

Also, the higher cost of climate-controlled shipping makes the shipping weight an important part of any cost-reduction plan.

ECORRCRATES offer a high performance, easy-to-use, lighter weight, durable shipping option for all of your healthcare products! Contact us now to get started!


Companies shipping textiles, plastics, fabricated metal, bulk materials for recycling, lawn equipment, agricultural and landscaping products, electrical and plumbing products and equipment, cylinders, motors, pumps, valves, drill bits, batteries, bearings and other heavy-duty gear need a compact, easy-to-use, durable shipper to meet their industrial packaging needs. ECORRCRATE® is all of this, and more!

Your product will travel through your supply chain with ease due to the superior levels of stacking strength, weight containment, shock absorption, and water-moisture resistance without the added shipping weight of a traditional wood shipper.

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In the Sporting world there are many large, heavy, high-value products that must ship in a durable shipper. The large variety of products going through retail, or direct-to-consumer via online sales, makes it virtually impossible to ship in a re-suable container, so maximizing performance while managing cost and minimizing waste is a challenge!

When shipping in a wood container, your customer is left to dispose of these heavy and risky materials. How many of the shipping damage complaints you receive are a direct result of incidental contact with the wood shipper?!

ECORRCRATES® are economical, easy-to-recycle, light-weight for handling while providing hardcore protection of your products; whether you are shipping Outdoor gear for hunting, boating, fishing, camping, cycling, or motor sports (Dirt Bikes, motorcycles, scooters, off-road recreational vehicles, Golf Carts) or your sports team’s equipment (football, baseball, hockey).

ECORRCRATES are ideal for meeting the challenge! ECORRCRATES make it easy to deliver a great customer experience!



ECORRCRATES® are ideal for safely packaging heavy, yet delicate, high-cost items. Tired of damage to cabinets and other peripherals?! Tired of hauling heavy packing materials down the elevator to fill the dumpster?! Incidental damage in the Telecom sector is a nightmare. Attempting to mitigate incidental damage in Telecom can be an even bigger nightmare!

And, the high value nature of Telecom products requires performance packaging. But getting the performance packaging separated from the structure for recycling is simply too time consuming, so recycling borders on impossible! Not the case with Eco-friendly ECORRCRATES. With the right design, we can not only make it possible, but we can make it easy to recycle! And do it in a robust and effective shipper!

Reduce your Costs, improve performance and your customer’s experience, as well as reduce your environmental impact… there is nothing like an ECORRCRATE to take on this challenge!

Trade Shows

ECORRCRATES® are an ideal trade show shipper! Lightweight and easy to maneuver on the trade show floor, unpacking is a breeze! They collapse for storage until needed for re-packing. Also, ECORRCRATES are easy to assemble for re-pack at the conclusion of the show when you are tired, worn out and low on energy.

ECORRCRATE shippers are easily designed with multiple inside shelves, trays and compartments to better manage your variety of display items, promotional products, equipment and sample materials.

Most of the products listed in these industry categories are displayed, by your company, at trade shows all over the World. From Dry and Dust climates, to Cold and Wet conditions, your product is constantly at risk of damage from the elements. ECORRCRATES better insulate and protect your valuable materials than a traditional wood crate. Nothing worse than having dust and dirt or rain and wet conditions permeate your container and ruin your promotional materials!

For some, there is no need to ship anything back after the show? ECORRCRATES are easily recycled in the corrugated compactor available at most event venues!