So Much Better Than Plastic Crates, Try Ecorrcrate Now

Jul 19, 2023 | Sustainability, Why Ecorrcrate

In recent history, bulk plastic crates have been a standard option for shipping. They’re strong, holding upwards of 2,000 pounds. They’re reusable. And they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You might even find ones made from recycled materials. But for all of their strengths, plastic crates have some serious weaknesses. From their cost to their rigid construction, plastic shipping crates could be hampering you more than you know.

Ecorrcrate® is a durable, customizable shipping crate option that saves time, space, and money. In the following, we’ll outline all of the ways our products stack up against plastic crates. 

Cost Savings Benefits of Ecorrcrate

Not all shipping crate solutions cost the same. With some products, there are hidden costs that you won’t necessarily find on a cost sheet. Size, customization, and storage among other things can really make an impact on your bottom line.   


It’s improbable that you will need the same size and shape of a crate for every shipment. Different products in different quantities will require different sizes of crates. If you use plastic crates, that means you are unlikely to find all of the optimal sizes that you need.

With bulk plastic shipping containers, you are often relegated to a rigid set of shapes and sizes from which to choose. Ecorrcrate can easily create custom sustainable shipping solutions to meet your exact dimensions. This means that you are now able to purchase right-sized shipping containers with replaceable components saving time both at the time of purchase, over the course of your fiscal year on shipping costs, and more.

Saved Space

Ecorrcrates stack up against the competition in a number of ways. Space is a premium. If you are going to replace your plastic shipping containers you need an option that takes up the same amount or less space

Elimination of Hidden Costs

Yes, purchasing your shipping crates in bulk quantities can often save you money. However, when you are left to choose from rigid sizing constraints, these savings are often lost. You end up spending more money on additional packaging materials to pad your products or materials or risk compromising and potentially damaging your shipment. Ecorrcrates reduce your costs by requiring fewer materials, less storage space, and decreasing your shipping weight, giving you cost savings from start to finish.

How Ecorrcrate Can Reduce Waste


We’ve already mentioned that purchasing a truly customizable shipping crate means that you have to purchase fewer bulk crates. But customizable Ecorrcrates allow you to size your crate down to your products or materials. Less wasted space within the shipping crates means fewer packaging materials are needed. With our innovative and sustainable shipping solutions, your business contributes a lot less to landfills.


Plastic crates can be reused, yes. And over time they may become brittle, cracking, and breaking. At this point, you’re stuck replacing the whole shipping solution. Ecorrcrate’s unique features mean it can be safely reused numerous times before needing replacement components. 

Where they differ from traditional plastic options is that when a component of an Ecorrcrate is damaged, this piece can be replaced rather than the whole crate. This saves time and money and reduces waste.


When our shipping crates finally do reach the end of their lifecycle, simply place them in your standard paper or corrugated recycling bin! Being able to recycle what was one of the largest consumable and waste-generating parts of your business means that you can make a much smaller impact and achieve sustainability. We’re proud to help our customers overhaul their shipping and receiving. 

Environmental Impacts of Using Ecorrcrate


Our shipping crates are thoughtfully designed to reduce their impact as much as possible. These crates are lightweight. They are in fact significantly lighter than their plastic counterparts. Ecorrcrates reduce supply chain energy use by requiring less fuel consumption. You’ll save on energy internally when moving around these crates or stacks of crates with forklifts. And you’ll save on shipping costs because your shipments will require less transportation fuel.

In addition, because of their weight and collapsibility, you’ll save on shipping when your crates are shipped to your facility. Other shipping crate solutions and systems may end up costing you more to ship, store, and then ship with your materials or goods.

Green from Beginning to End

Our shipping crates are made from a durable, innovative material, called Ecorrboard®. This material is made from renewable materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly, unlike the fossil fuels that it takes to make plastics. We’re off to a healthy start! Then, when you are ready to recycle your crate, Ecorrboard does not require additional or specialty recycling methods, unlike other shipping crates. 

Additional Benefits of Ecorrcrate

Safely Stack

With shipping crates that truly break down and store compactly, you can stack your shipping solutions with less risk of bodily harm to your staff. Not only do our crates stack well, but they work with your existing operations. Partial or entire stacks can be moved with forklifts and pallet jacks. 

Yes, you can store your Ecorrcrates knocked down and flat. This is a great way to save space. But our durable and strong materials allow you to use them to store products and materials. Whether staging items for shipment or staying organized, the uses for our innovative crate are endless.

Labeling Options

With plastic crates, there are only a few places for you to include information such as branded information, contact information, and shipping labels. With the customizable, flat surfaces of Ecorrboard®, you can label as much as you need, where you need it. 

Ready to Make the Switch?

Plastic crates might be reusable and recyclable to an extent, but they still contain hidden costs and are too rigid for most businesses’ needs. Our truly customizable sustainable shipping crates save you money, save space and time, and won’t fill up landfills. If you are ready to get the most out of every dollar in your shipping budget, give us a call to review your shipping needs and learn how Ecorrcrate can make a world of difference.