These Numbers Don’t Lie

Apr 13, 2020 | Durability, Industries, Shipping Tips, Sustainability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

ECORRCRATE® Saves Companies Hand Over Fist

How do you feel about throwing money out the window?  It’s not a pleasant experience.  So why waste hard earned money on shipping materials that aren’t safe, aren’t good for the environment, and don’t really do the job you’ve paid them to do?

Wooden crates require heat treatments to be shipped internationally and are less than sustainable.  These crates also often shatter or break on impact.  Plastic relies on the use and availability of fossil fuels, a volatile market in today’s economy.  Traditional corrugated paper boxes don’t hold up and therefore don’t protect your shipments and cannot be reused.

ECORRCRATE® is an affordable and sustainable option that outperforms all of the above. Learn more with this video.

Slash Upfront Costs

How often do you purchase shipping materials?  If you’re not using our patented corrugated technology, the answer is far too often.  Our ECORRBOARD® technology is a patented material that is durable, strength tested, and water resistant: all of which makes it reusable.

Now, let us blow your mind by telling you that our shipping materials often cost less than the traditional methods you are currently purchasing.  That’s right.  With ECORRCRATE, you can slash the cost of your shipping materials.  Just think of all of the ways you could use that extra capital to invest in and grow your business!

Freight Savings

Wood is heavy.  And when you’re paying to ship a package, every ounce counts.  Our patented material is much lighter than wood, which means you’ll save even more when you make the switch.  Save on ground all the way through airfreight with our ecofriendly shipping solutions.

Shipping domestically or internationally, you can now use one product for all of your shipping needs.  Our ECORRBOARD® material does not require the heat treatment needed by packaging materials like wooden crates, to ship internationally.

Space Savings

Reusable packaging materials mean you have to purchase and stock less.  Free up room in your warehouse, your offices, etc. with a dependable packaging product you can turn to time and time again.

Labor Savings

From packing, to shipping, to disposing, you can free up an enormous amount of your team’s time when you switch to ECORRCRATE®. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from our Customers!

Disposal Savings

Our products are environmentally sound.  We use a replenishable resource to make our packaging materials.  It’s engineered to be more durable than other products which means it can be reused.  These two combined traits mean that you’ll have less material of which to dispose.  And when it comes to disposing of our materials, you can do so easily and with peace of mind unlike treated wooden pallets or plastics.

Need to dispose of your ECORRCRATE? Recycle it!  Yup, just clip the bands, break it down, and recycle the crate.