The Better Crate – Ecorrcrate Premiere at Pack Expo International

Oct 14, 2022 | Events & Trade Shows, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

Pack Expo International

I bet you can easily remember your first venture into the Pack Expo International Show in Chicago, IL. My first time was in 1992 and it was mind blowing. This premier show, held at the McCormick Place Convention Center, is the largest packaging show in North America, with literally everything intended to make your packaging life easier on display. It is the place to go when you want to see the latest innovations, product transformations, and is the best place to unveil a new product to the world. After a soft opening at Pack Expo 2021 in Las Vegas, Ecorrcrate is poised and ready for the main stage, ready to unveil this truly transformational new product. Our national team is ready and excited to greet you and we hope to see you there!

Why take the time to investigate an Ecorrcrate option? We could all use less stress and less frustration in our lives. Most companies tell us that crating is the most difficult and time-consuming step in their packaging process and the most challenging part of their customer’s unpacking experience. Ecorrcrate is designed to be easy on both ends. Sets up in minutes, breaks down in minutes. End-of-use disposal is simple, just place the Ecorrcrate components in a standard corrugated recycle stream and you are good to go.

Why is Ecorrcrate Transformational?

Truly transformational packaging products are quite rare. Most often, transformation is in small, incremental steps as manufacturers respond to progressing needs in the marketplace. With some slight adjustments to meet the ebbs in changing customer demands, tastes, and preferences, most are just a different take on an already existing product.

This is where Ecorrcrate stands alone. The Ecorrcrate is completely different and answers all of the questions to a centuries-old challenge. How do I get my damage-prone products, that require robust packaging to the end point, at the lowest possible cost, that is easy for my people to use and is also earth-friendly? What can I use in the place of a wood crate?

Perfect Timing in Economic Uncertainty

You see it all over the news, the world economy is struggling in the midst of inflationary price increases, rumors of recession, and ongoing climate change pressures, which presents us with a whole new set of challenges.

All of this is very stressful and can leave us feeling stuck and frustrated. Some may overcome this by flipping into a preparedness mode. For those that are looking for a head-start or another way out, now is an excellent time to look for better alternatives. Preparing is not the same as panicking. I mean, lower costs and having a better solution is always good, even if the sky isn’t falling, right?!

We understand your pain because we feel it too. The invention of Ecorrcrate was actually a result of the last major economic downturn in the late 2000’s. Customer demands changed drastically in the crated products industry, but a good head-to-head alternative for wood crates did not exist.

Sure, there were some incremental transformations by combining wood and standard corrugated sheets to lower the cost and the weight. However, those modest changes are only relevant to a select few companies that didn’t really need the performance characteristics of a typical wood crate. They did not need high-durability performance or heavy-duty stacking strength and were not concerned with adding labor time to put them together. This is not the case for most companies today.

The pressure did result in a solution. It facilitated the invention of Ecorrcrate and now Ecorrcrate is meeting the new demands that have emerged from uncontrollable market forces such as:

  1. Significant financial pressure created a demand for a lower cost crate
  2. Increasing concern for the environment created demand for a more earth-friendly crate.
  3. Rising shipping costs created demand for a lighter weight crate.
  4. Challenges in the world of export created demand for an ISPM15 Export certified crate that would move seamlessly along the supply chain without interruption.

Fast forward to 2022, does any of this look familiar? Let’s face it, you’ve had to overcome never-seen-before challenges over the past two years. You may not feel like a hero but you performed like one. Now, you will likely be asked to do it again. Ecorrcrate could help make that a more quick and pain-free process in three easy steps:

  1. Schedule a call
  2. Provide sizes and/or additional specs.
  3. Receive a quote and order a sample for testing.

What to Expect When You See the Ecorrcrate

As with everything new, it is best to see Ecorrcrate up close to understand how it differs from traditional options. It is made from corrugate, so at first glance, it is common to think “box”.

There has never been a standalone, all-corrugated crate until now. So, until you see patented Ecorrcrate you may find it difficult to fully understand how this box-looking-thing is actually a fully functional, highly durable and stackable crate. A few things you will notice about Ecorrcrate:

  1. Strong. The corrugate is cross-laminated to form a solid and durable building material.
  2. Light-Weight. Ecorrcrates are 40-75% lighter than a comparable wood crate.
  3. Convenient. From storage to shipping, Ecorrcrates are quick, safe and easy.
  4. Sustainable. Constructed with renewable resources. Easy to recycle.
  5. Moisture Resistant. Adding moisture protection is easy. Ecorrshield moisture resistant paper can be added to the outside of the Ecorrcrate for a virtually waterproof package.

See You at the Show.

The Pack Expo International show is a great platform to officially launch this exciting new technology. Come see us at Booth W-22010, October 23-26 to better understand how Ecorrcrate could be your ideal solution. Not attending Pack Expo or need more information? Learn more at Ecorrcrate.