Proven Ecorrcrate: The Best Packaging Machinery Shipping Crate

Jun 24, 2021 | Durability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

Packing Machinery Shipping Department

Walking through a typical packaging machinery shipping area is like stepping into the middle of an all-day dance show. People, equipment, and parts are buzzing about being carefully pieced together and loaded into a variety of shipping containers. You would think that the sound of saws cutting wood and the nail guns firing would disrupt the delicate balance. But, the ear protection dims the noise, and the smell of sawdust in the air seems to have a calming effect.

I watch as full-sized wood crates are cut and assembled in one area. In a second area, wood pieces are cut and attached to each other and to the pallets, then sheets of corrugate are cut and attached to create a combo crate. In a third area, I see a box on a pallet carefully being reinforced with cornerboards and more wood pieces. I think to myself, this is very complicated and time consuming; and would be much quicker and safer with Ecorrcrate.

In the end, I am not impressed by the final crates and shippers. After nearly 30 years in the packaging business, I have the ability to look at a shipping mechanism and quickly determine its potential flaws. I see too clearly where it could all go wrong.

In this blog, we will explain why Ecorrcrate is the best alternative to wood or combo-crates for shipping packaging machinery.

Safe – Saws, Nail Guns, and the Potential for Injury?

The first thing that stands out to me about the process I am observing is the safety risk.

  • The use of saws and nail guns make a safety director nervous.
  • The smallest of distractions can lead to big injuries. The amount of body movement and precision needed to build combo crates is inefficient and leaves much room for lower back strain and repetitive movement injury.
  • The loud noise will cause hearing loss over the long-term.

You will better protect your people and the related expense of loss time injuries by using Ecorrcrate as no dangerous power tools are needed for easy assembly and there is no harmful noise.

Quick – Two Hours+ to Build a Shipper is Not Efficient

Second, I notice the time it takes to build a shipper. I think, is it really more cost effective if it takes 2-3 hours, or longer, to pack and ship an order? With Ecorrcrate, building your packaging machinery shipping crate will:

  • Take about 10-15 minutes; and,
  • Give you the option to load the order onto the base and then assemble the crate around it, which takes only a couple of minutes.

Secure – Reduce Shipping Damage Risk by More Than 90%

The first lessons I learned in the packaging business were to isolate and immobilize the product. These two keys will reduce damage risk by more than 90%. Isolation means keeping parts separated and unable to contact one another. Since packaging machinery includes many sub sections and parts kits, having specifically designed partitions or shelves within the shipper is very important. Immobilizing the product is being sure the parts won’t move around in transit. It is fast and easy to immobilize and isolate products in a properly designed Ecorrcrate.

Observing the current methods, a variety of options are used to accomplish this and none of them are simple or easy. Boxing parts and pieces separately, using plastics to wrap and protect takes additional time. With Ecorrcrate, the sub sections, shelves, and cushioning are all built-in to eliminate wasted time and materials and these paper-based components are earth-friendly.

Unpacking and Disposal – Does Filling Up Landfills Concern You?

In the same way wood crates, combo crates and boxes-on-a-pallet are difficult and time consuming to pack, they are nearly as difficult and time consuming to unpack. In the end, I have observed that the majority of these packing materials end up in the dumpster, headed for the landfill. Foam, bubble-wrap, and shrink-wrap have no easy recycle stream and are not earth-friendly.

With Ecorrcrate, unpacking is as simple as the packing process. Tools needed? A pair of scissors to cut the straps. Once the straps are cut, it’s easy to disassemble the Ecorrcrate. Once unpacked, the renewable, paper-based Ecorrcrate components fit right into any standard corrugated paper recycling stream.

Did you know Ecorrcrates are re-usable? In fact, our customers that re-use have reported a significant increase in the number of turns they are able to achieve out of each Ecorrcrate vs. other types of shipping methods. This not only lowers the cost per use but reduces the amount of overall packaging used. Re-using Ecorrcrates will reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Reliable / Durable – Confidence in the Strength and Performance of Ecorrcrate

Ecorrcrates are reliable and durable. With one look at a packed Ecorrcrate there is immediate confidence that your package will arrive safely. Experienced shipping mangers appreciate the many benefits of using value-loaded Ecorrcrates:

  • Easily stackable up to 7500 lbs. without mods.
    • *With mods, Ecorrcrate can achieve stacking strengths up to 30,000 lbs or more.
  • In addition to incredible strength, the Ecorrcrate materials will cushion impacts without failing.
  • Light Weight, up to 70% lighter, will reduce your shipping costs and your carbon footprint.
  • Virtually waterproof, highly water-resistant Ecorrcrates will keep moisture away from your product saving the time and hassle of rework.
  • Ecorrcrates are ISPM15 Certified, export friendly, and internationally accepted with much less hassle than standard wood or combo crates.
  • You can realize immediate efficiency gains, lower your labor costs and reduce storage space with the knocked down, easy set-up format.

Ecorrcrate is the Best Packaging Machinery Shipping Crate

Now imagine walking through a packaging machinery shipping area and watching a calm, quick and easy process. The first thing you notice is how quiet it is. No buzzing saws or nail guns firing. You will see neatly packed Ecorrcrates that you know will be a much better unboxing experience for your customer. You may even see the strong, sturdy Ecorrcrates stacked up to conserve valuable floor space. And then you realize that in the end, your customer can even knock down and store the shipper in the case they have need to ship the equipment back to your factory for warranty work or refurbishing. It doesn’t get any easier than this.

Ecorrcrate is an ideal wood crate, combo crate, and box-on-a-pallet replacement.
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