Stronger than Your Average Shipping Crate

Mar 13, 2020 | Durability, Sustainability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

The Added Strength of Corrugate, the Sustainability of Our Paper, Combine for a Better Packing Solution in ECORRCRATE®

When it comes to packing and shipping your products, you have a lot of options.  Some of these are better than others, and then there’s ECORRCRATE®.  We’ve taken the packaging industry head on and challenged them to create a stronger, safer, more ecofriendly way to ship with our solutions.  Nothing else quite measures up.  Read this post to learn why our crates are the best solution for your shipping needs.


Stop wasting money on treated lumber, or standard corrugated paper boxes.  With flimsy packaging materials not only are you purchasing the boxes or crates, but you’re also losing money to damages incurred during shipment.  Plastic alternatives might offer a sturdier solution than a typical cardboard box, but they still rely on fossil fuels for production, and are also liable to crack under strain.

The strength of corrugated paper is amplified by the unique design and construction of our patented shipping crates.  ECORRBOARD® takes paper and transforms it into a material that has unique strength benefits over wood or plastic without the additional environmental impacts.  Not only will you have to purchase less shipping crates, but you’ll cut down on damaged products and materials, saving valuable money in today’s uncertain economy.

The Proof is in the Pudding

The Drop Test was specifically designed to demonstrate the superiority of our packaging over wooden crates.  When two packages of identical size and weight are dropped from the same height, our ECORRCRATE® outperforms the wooden alternative.  The reason? Wood is rigid.  The stress caused by the impact of let’s say, a package falling off of a pallet jack, causes the wood to sheer apart.

Our patented corrugated paper packaging provides a much safer and resilient design that absorbs the impact.  This means our solutions retain their shape and protect your products, materials, etc. from bumps, drops, and more.  See it for yourself in this video.

Reinforced Top

The lid of each ECORRCRATE® comes standard with an ECORRBOARD insert.  This extra protection ensures that your shipping solution is not only sustainable, but durable.  This board defends the top of your shipping crates with a durable and reusable lid. Protect your packaging with a box that won’t collapse or flatten under duress.  See the strength for yourself and watch one of our team members try to flatten our patented crate.

Keep On Packing

Thanks to the durability, design, and use, of natural materials, you can reuse the ECORRCRATE®.  Reusing your product shipping materials saves both valuable time and money. Eliminate the need for and lag time often caused by restocking traditional shipping crates with our reusable options.  Don’t miss a beat. Once you’ve unpacked your crate, turn around and ship it again with the peace of mind that your items will be protected on their journey.

The patent pending ECORRBOARD® technology makes a paper crate that is durable and moisture resistant, making it approved for shipping around the corner, or overseas.  Learn more about this technology by watching this helpful video.