Ecorrcrate: A Better Shipping Solution For Restaurant Equipment

Apr 13, 2021 | Industries, Shipping Tips, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

Looking for the Best Shipping Solution for Restaurant Equipment?

Does your Restaurant have Tons of space for Receiving Equipment?

Anyone that has ever worked in a restaurant or food service facility knows that it is a fast-paced environment operating in tightly confined spaces.  Every square inch of a restaurant is planned out perfectly and maintaining a sanitary and clean facility is critical.  From open to close, it is all about speed, efficiency, and quality.  Delays result in customer dissatisfaction, a horror to any restaurant owner.  So, you can imagine how the delivery of a new piece of equipment can be both exciting and nerve-wracking.

Now, imagine this new piece of equipment arriving in a heavy wood crate, tightly sealed with nails and screws.  Navigating a heavy wood crate through the back delivery door and into a clean kitchen is no picnic.  Finding the right tools to open it without damaging the equipment requires hammers, pry bars, and power screwdrivers, which are not common in a kitchen.  In this blog we will highlight why Ecorrcrate is a better shipping solution for restaurant equipment, both for the equipment manufacturer, distributors, and the restaurant owner & staff.

The Journey from Production Line to your Door

As the next piece of equipment clears QC at the manufacturer, it moves to the packaging area to be made ready for shipment.  Whether it is a Pizza oven, bread proofer oven, steamer station or portable refrigeration unit you can’t help but notice the pristine stainless-steel surfaces.  Hidden inside are the precision mechanics, from gas fired systems to cooler condensers and compressors. Packaging this equipment must be done with extreme attention to detail.  To pack restaurant equipment into a wood crate requires care and expertise.

Often, the equipment is placed on a wood base and then the crate is constructed around it, a slow process that provides many opportunities for potential damage.  Contrast that with the Ecorrcrate crating system which arrives in kit form, and is a quick, easy set-up.  Because the Ecorrboard material is manufactured from corrugated paperboard, it is unlikely to cause incidental damage to the equipment.

Custom shipping containers for Aerospace client built by Ecorrcrate

Distributor Benefits & Money Savings

If you are a packaging distributor, I am sure you have seen equipment packed in all sorts of interesting ways, that are not ideal for stocking in your warehousing facility.  Not too excited about stacking wood crates? No problem for Ecorrcrate. It is not uncommon for a single Ecorrcrate to have static stack strength of 7000 lbs or more, which is great for stocking distributors to maximize floor space.

Also, wood crates absorb water.  Ecorrcrate with Ecorrshield, on the other hand, is a highly moisture-resistant container on the outside but is moisture absorbing on the inside, keeping the product looking great until the day it is unpacked.  Even if Ecorrcrate sits on a dock for hours in the rain, you will find everything inside dry and looking like new when unpacking.  No wet, heavy wood to get in the way.

Need to do a visual inspection prior to shipping?  With wood crates, you have to partially de-construct the crate to perform a visual inspection.  With Ecorrcrate, simple remove the straps and lift the lid.  Then, perform the inspection, put the lid back on and re-secure the straps.  Simple.

Unpacking with Ease

Now that your equipment has arrived at the restaurant or food service facility, it’s time to unpack and install it.  Wood crates require tools:  hammer, power screw driver, and a pull bar.  Yikes! Pointy tools, pristine stainless-steel, and costly parts don’t mix.  But wait, there’s something better! Ecorrcrate requires nothing special to unpack, with the most common tool being a pair of scissors to cut the straps.  Once the straps are removed, the light-weight top, side, and end pieces are simply removed, and the equipment is ready to be placed into service. Have we convinced you yet that Ecorrcrate really is the better shipping solution for restaurant equipment?

Easy Disposal / Recycling

One of the great things about Ecorrcrate is the ease of disposal.  The main component of Ecorrcrate is corrugated cardboard (renewable, reusable and recyclable) one of the most sustainable and easily recycled base materials available.  Once you finish unpacking, simply place the pieces in your standard paper recycling stream along with your other corrugated boxes and paper products.  Done.

Ecorrcrates are:

Durable. Ecorrcrates increase the likelihood that your items will arrive safely and intact. The triple protection of stability, cushioning, and water resistance will help ensure your product arrives ready to install.

 Fast. A few well-placed Ecorrboard dividers will reduce or eliminate the need for non-sustainable secondary packaging. It will also increase your packaging speed and lower your material and process costs.

 Easy to move with a pallet jack. Ecorrcrates are up to 75% lighter than comparable wood crates. This significantly cuts handling time and risk of incidental damage, while increasing productivity.

 Easy to load and stack in a truck. Ecorrcrates are a breeze to stack. Being light weight and having better load density through stacking will lower your freight costs.

 Cut & Done. Cut the straps with scissors and you‘re done with tools! Ecorrcrates are modular and easy to assemble and disassemble, saving you time and money.

 Simple Recycling. Ecorrcrates with Ecorrboard inserts are easily recycled in your standard corrugated recycle system. No need to fill the dumpster and add to landfill overuse.

Ecorrcrate is truly the ideal shipper for all types of restaurant and foodservice equipment. Whether it is Pizza Ovens, Proofers, Refrigerated Cabinets, Steamer Tables, Chill Stations, Prep Stations, Large roilers or Ovens, Ecorrcrate will get the job done, leaving happy customers all along the supply chain. Make an impact on your bottom line while reducing your impact on the environment.  With Ecorrcrate, we take the headaches out of packaging, shipping, and unpacking. Learn more on our Industries page  If you’re thinking of opening a restaurant, or ready to order the equipment you need, Read this article.