Reliable Reusable Bulk Containers Stack Up to the Best

Jul 30, 2020 | Durability, Sustainability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

ECORRCRATE® Reusable Bulk Containers – Perfect for Inventory Management Challenges and Reverse Logistics

Currently, business experts are warning of unprecedented challenges such as reverse logistics once the economy is fully re-opened. Their predictions are for large scale return volumes to both retail stores and e-commerce businesses once the virus restrictions are lifted. Are you prepared for an influx of inventory? Do you have the reusable bulk containers to store this product? Are you able to store it safely until it can be evaluated and recirculated back into your available inventory?

Unexpected changes and disruptions in supply chains are also forcing manufacturers and retailers to manage their inventory differently. The fear and reality of potentially running out of crucial parts and supplies or finished products are forcing supply chain managers and logistics specialists to increase their stock or inventories. This places further limitations on physical space and higher demands on your bulk storage capabilities.

Previously you’ve made the investment in reusable bulk containers because you can save money over time, but in solving one problem, they create a variety of their own. Bulky plastic containers are expensive, take up loads of space, and are not customizable. You might be able to stack them, but there is a great potential for wasted space. Some reusable corrugate container options can be collapsed for better storage but lack strength, cannot be safely stacked, and break down with moisture.

Will Your Reusable Bulk Storage Containers Crush this Inventory Chaos in the Coming Months?

Although these changes might still be months away, businesses need to start preparing now. By working ahead of time, it will be easier to find an ideal bulk storage solution that meets your needs and your budget. Being prepared will save you from losing valuable time and resources when scrambling to manage this evolving inventory.

What does it take to start preparing now? First you need to find a better reusable bulk container.

Here are some things to consider, and some questions to ask in your search for the right inventory storage solutions:

1. Will I have enough floor space to meet my needs?
2. Do I have an option to stack containers to take advantage of vertical space?
3. Do I need access to the container multiple times? Or is it a one-time use solution?
4. Is choosing a more sustainable product important to my company?

Take a look at the space you currently have available. Is your inventory distributed across the floor or are you taking advantage of the vertical space in your warehouse or building? Bulk storage solutions that safely stack are a great investment so you can make the most of your available location without having to rent additional overflow space.

On the flip side, purchasing packaging options that are collapsible will enable you to use them when you need them and then store them for the next inventory fluctuation. Some of these corrugate or wooden options however are not the most sustainable ones. For companies that value sustainability, those options may not be best.

After thinking through the various needs and challenges, you might think you’re out of luck and options when it comes to durable, customizable containers that meet all of your inventory needs. You are not. With the durable, sturdy, stackable and customizable options from ECORRCRATE, managing unexpected changes in inventory is simple and safe.

6 Proven Ways ECORRCRATE Will Crush Your Inventory Chaos

Okay, enough with the doom and gloom. Now that we have a clear perspective of the problem, what is the solution? ECORRCRATES. Our sustainable and affordable bulk shipping solutions are designed to meet your needs…every, last one of them.

1. Lightweight

Our patented material is durable but lightweight. With ECORRCRATE you can easily move packaging materials around. Pull them out when you need them. Store them when you don’t.

2. Stackable

Does the term corrugate make you concerned? Our patented materials and design create a strong, stable, and safe to stack crate when fully packed with your inventory, or collapsed and not in use. Make the most out of your space with shipping containers that fit your product and your space by stacking.

3. Customizable

We make the ECORRCRATES to your specifications. This means your bulk storage containers work for you and your needs. With ECORRCRATE, there is no more wasted space. Our process is proven and efficient, delivering your customized product on time.

4. Modular

ECORRCRATE’s modular design makes them easy to access. You can add or remove inventory from our crates without hurting the integrity of the crate. This saves resources, time, and energy; all of which you need to get through the coming months.

5. Compact

When they are not in use, ECORRCRATES break down to 11 inches in height. This conserves valuable floor space, keeps your space organized, and your crates in top shape for the next time they’re needed.

6. Recyclable

When you are done with your ECORRCRATEs, you simply break them down and recycle them. There is no special disposal. There are no solvents, glues, or treatments that make disposing them a science, and no special dumpsters to rent. Choose a sustainable option that reduces impact on the environment and your budget.

As if those six reasons aren’t enough, the ECORRCRATE construction forms a highly water-resistant shipping crate. Whether you need to store them outside for a short time, or are in a humid climate, your inventory will stay protected and dry. This water proofing also means that they are export certified shipping crates (ISPM15 Export Compliant). Why does this matter? When your inventory storage needs return to normal, you can repurpose your ECORRCRATES from storage to shipping materials. Saving your resources once again.