Lower Cost and High Performance in Times of Crisis

Jun 25, 2020 | Durability, Sustainability, Value, Why Ecorrcrate

ECORRCRATE® is a Safe and Proven Shipping Solution During Uncertain Times.

With markets fluctuating and businesses faced with uncertainty and change during this crisis, saving costs and protecting assets is critical. Packaging and shipping are areas where you can’t afford to skimp, but it shouldn’t mean that you are stuck with the age-old high-cost, heavy products to meet your crated shipping requirements. There is finally a better solution.

Replace your shipper with our lower cost, best-in-class, affordable, and durable Ecorrcrate.

ECORRCRATE’s are manufactured from corrugated paperboard, a better alternative to stack up against your comparable wood crate. Wood is a costly resource to farm, harvest, and craft directly into shipping crates. Corrugated paperboard is a lower cost raw material that, when converted into a strong, resilient, protective building block, is ideal to better protect your product at a Lower Cost.

Supplies Saver.

ECORRCRATE forms a low abrasion cushioning layer around your product. You are able to reduce or eliminate the extra packaging materials needed to keep your products safe in traditional wooden shipping crates. This saves you time and money and it saves your customer time in unpacking. It also saves dumpster space and reduces environmental impact in landfills.

In addition, your customer will never need to pay to dispose of them or deal with the static charged bits and pieces they leave behind. Their cleaning team will also appreciate this, especially given their heavy workload during this pandemic.

Reliable Budgeting.

The rise and fall of wood prices are volatile and often extreme, making it difficult to predict your supply costs. By choosing Ecorrcrate, you have a material which has a much more stable cost), so you can reliably forecast your packaging and shipping budgets.

Re-Use: Lower Cost per Use.

ECORRCRATE’s can be used time and time again. Although you can re-use wooden crates, repeated insertion and removal of the screws causes the wood to break apart quickly leading to damage and associated employee injury risks. This often limits wood shipper re-use to only 4-5 turns. It is not uncommon for Ecorrcrates to withstand dozens of turns, slashing the cost per use to a fraction of that of wood or other corrugate alternatives.

Space Saver.

Wooden crates are expensive to store, so they are often stored outdoors where they are susceptible to damage and rot from inclement weather. Most corrugated shippers become soggy and quickly lose integrity when stored outdoors. Wood and traditional corrugate shippers are water permeable and water absorbing, increasing risk of damage to your product in unpacking. ECORRCRATES are less expensive to store indoors, requiring much less room than their traditional shipping counterparts; up to 70% less storage space! Outdoor storage is eliminated, and you regain valuable floor space.

With supply chain interruptions in the current environment, your inventory levels may swing wildly. Having enough product in stock is more important than ever, making every foot of your floor space a high value scarcity. ECORRCRATE’s are excellent for stacking up your needed safety stock in a robust, ready-to-ship container.

Time Saver.

Running a business in through the current crisis places a high demand on your time. On top of the day to day responsibilities for running your business, you now have to be concerned with cleaning and disinfecting, working with the added layer of PPE, and the time it takes to create and monitor the new policies and procedures that will protect your staff and customers.

Stop wasting valuable time assembling your shipping and storage crates. ECORRCRATE’s set-up and knockdown in a matter of minutes and require no risky power tools to assemble.

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, ECORRCRATES reduce your shipping costs.

When it comes to shipping, every ounce counts. ECORRCRATE corrugated paper shipping products are much lighter than wooden materials; often 50% lighter! So, ship with confidence knowing you will have the durability and protection you need. Cut that extra shipping weight, ditch the wooden crates, and lower your transportation costs. Use your hard-earned money to ship your products and not heavy packaging materials.

Ship with Confidence.

At the same time, you are saving money with ECORRCRATES, you will also gain the peace of mind that your shipments will arrive at your destination in perfect condition. ECORRCRATE’s corrugate is engineered into a patented design and treated with environmentally friendly coatings to make it both durable and water resistant. In fact, ECORRCRATES are 100% ISPM 15 certified for export. Check out how durable it really is by watching the video(s) here!

Increase Customer Satisfaction.

Did you know that many of your customers will prefer to receive ECORRCRATE shippers? The lightweight, reusable, and recyclable nature of our products place less of a burden on your customers. Trust that when you make the switch, it will be noticed and appreciated.

Bottom Line.

Using ECORRCRATES means that you can:
• lower packaging and shipping material purchases,
• lower your crated shipper purchase cost,
• budget reliably,
• save space,
• save time,
• reduce, re-use and recycle,
• confidently reduce shipping costs; and,
• protect your products.

These gains translate into tangible savings, efficiency, and increased customer satisfaction. We are excited provide a solution that equips our customers to keep the lights on, pay their employees, and one day emerge from the current crisis stronger than before.