Reliable Ecorrcrate Proven to be The Best Aerospace Shipping Crate

Mar 13, 2024 | Durability, Industries, Sustainability, Value

Have you ever stepped into an Aerospace manufacturing facility? If not, you may find it hard to imagine the size and scope of what these companies do every day. In some cases, there are enormous parts transported by overhead cranes from one production cell to another. Ironically, these large parts are not all that heavy, but they have delicate surfaces at this point in the process, so they have to be maneuvered carefully.

After moving through the final stages of the manufacturing process, it is time to pack and ship them. Now comes the interesting part. The assemblies that weigh two-hundred pounds at the most are loaded into 1000lb wood crates. The wood crates are often lined with a near-impossible-to-recycle foam that will end up in the landfill along with the wood crate. The foam is necessary to isolate the delicate surfaces from impact damage caused by contact with the wood. Yep, the company must add foam to protect the product from damage from the packaging. Might there be another way that is less wasteful?

The first time I showed the Ecorrcrate to an Aerospace manufacturing company, they asked me if the Ecorrcrate was designed specifically for Aerospace shipping. It It was such an ideal solution that this had to be the case, they insisted. I explained that the Ecorrcrate was not originally designed specifically for Aerospace but it became obvious as we developed it that it could be the perfect next-gen solution for Aerospace manufacturers. It has since proven to be just that.

How does the Ecorrcrate align with the needs for an Aerospace shipping crate?

1. Savings: Ecorrcrate is 40-75% lighter weight than comparably sized wood crates, which is a much better match to lightweight parts and assemblies. Imagine the savings by using a 400lb shipping crate rather than a 1000lb crate. That is what is referred to as “source reduction,” positively impacting everything including the carbon footprint.

2. Performance: Ecorrcrate will reliably transport your product to its destination. All reported Ecorrcrate failures, including those where it could not be determined to be an actual Ecorrcrate failure, falls at .0049%. With this virtually flawless performance, a switch to Ecorrcrate will make any continuous improvement manager a hero in no time.

3. ISPM-15: Given that Aerospace parts and assemblies ship all over the world, the ISPM15 compliant Ecorrcrate eliminates the headaches associated with exporting wood crates. Ecorrcrates are also easy for inspectors to access and re-close, so everyone wins.

4. Efficiency: In the aerospace environment, convenience, speed, and ease are the goals. Workers are skilled, so they earn a higher rate of pay on average, which means that anything slowing the process comes with a higher price tag. The Ecorrcrate is streamlined and efficient, quick to pack, unpack, and to move around. This will reduce the labor costs associated with your Aerospace crated shipments.

5. Customer Experience: Top aerospace manufacturers constantly strive to deliver a better customer experience. The exciting part about shipping in Ecorrcrate is that not only will it be easier and cost less, but it will do the same for your customer. How? Quick and convenient to move into receiving, it then only takes a few seconds to open and be ready to unpack. The Ecorrcrate corrugated material is light weight and easy to move and is fully recyclable. Just toss it into the paper-corrugate recycle or pack it up again and reuse it!

6. Space Savings: As you might imagine, floor space is another high-cost asset in Aerospace manufacturing so space for shipping crate storage is extremely limited. Ecorrcrate is considered a LEAN product that is delivered in a convenient, knocked down format that will reduce floor space utilization by as much as 90% depending on the erected crate size. In addition, once loaded with product and ready to ship, Ecorrcrates are stackable, taking up much less space in your shipping area.

7. Protection: What about the foam lining? The Ecorrcrate is constructed from corrugated paperboard. Unlike hard and unforgiving wood and lumber, the softer but robust material in the Ecorrcrate will not damage your parts. Eliminate the added cost and hassle associated with this non-renewable resource and significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

8. Sustainability: Finally, in lockstep with Aerospace industry initiatives, go higher than has ever been possible before and progress to a more sustainable future. Ecorrcrates are constructed from renewable resources, are easily recycled and reused, and are internationally preferred because of their paperboard construction.

Aerospace continues to be the fastest growing segment for Ecorrcrate. Although the Ecorrcrate was not originally designed specifically for aerospace applications, it has proven to be perfectly aligned with industry needs. In conjunction with unprecedented performance, we believe this makes the Ecorrcrate the best aerospace shipping crate to ever be invented.

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