Aerospace Industry

Ecorrcrates® are rapidly becoming the shipper of choice in Aerospace. Now in use with several Top Tier OEM’s as well as many early adopters throughout the Aerospace parts and assemblies supply chain.



Less Materials

The Only Ideal Solution

Ecorrcrate really is the ideal solution for Aerospace crated packaging. Of the many benefits of using Ecorrcrate, our Aerospace customers report these features to be the most beneficial:


  • Lighter weight
  • Strong and durable, offering better product protection with less materials
  • Highly Moisture resistant (virtually waterproof)
  • Quick, Safe and Easy to set-up, conserves floor space.
  • Disposal
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Saving on Freight Just Got Easy

With the light-weight nature of Aerospace parts and assemblies, traditional wood crates are often 70-80% of the total shipment weight.

With rapidly escalating freight costs, it is more important than ever to reduce the shipping weight to capture shipping cost savings.

Ecorrcrates® are significantly lighter weight as compared to wood crates (40-75% lighter) making them much easier to handle as well as securing freight savings of 15-30%, on average.

Less Materials

Given the delicate nature of Aerospace parts and assemblies, improved packaging performance is essential.  To highlight this point, a large majority of wood crates must be lined with foam to protect the parts from the wood. Literally it takes more packaging to protect the parts from the packaging?! That looks like double-work to us, not LEAN at all. This is completely unnecessary when shipping in Ecorrcrate. Ecorrcrate materials are made from very strong and durable, yet more flexible and cushioning paper-based material that better protects products in transit. Our Aerospace customers have been able to significantly reduce or eliminate shipping damage.  No more re-work due to shipping damage, that’s HUGE! See comparison video here: (link to drop test video)

Ask us how many of our Aerospace clients have been able eliminate the use of ALL void and space fillers inside the crate, in 1 easy step!

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Best Perks


Water Resistant

Unlike wood packaging, Ecorrcrates are highly water resistant (virtually waterproof). If your application is sensitive to damage from moisture, Ecorrcrate has you covered.  Our customers also report a significant increase in the efficacy of desiccants and vapor corrosion inhibitors (VCI’s) when used in conjunction with Ecorrcrate.


Saves Valuable Floor Space

They are shipped in a knocked-down format and this simple standalone Ecorrcrate corrugated system sets up for use in minutes and is ready to load and ship, without the use of any risky power tools. In fact, Ecorrcrate sets up more quickly than any other known crate provided in a similar format. This system also allows for better floor space utilization, often reducing required storage space by 70-80%! We know you can find many uses for your floor space than for storing your crates.



Finally, Ecorrcrates are a sustainable and responsible product, made predominantly from renewable resources.  Disposal is easy, Ecorrcrate simply goes in your standard corrugated recycle stream when you are done using it.  Just think about it, no more swinging hammers, mallets, crowbars or sledgehammers to dispose of your packaging in the dumpster.

Better floor space utilization

Our customers often see a reduction in required storage space by 70-80%! We know you can find many better uses for your floor space than for storing your crates. 

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Simply put… Ecorrcrate really is the ideal solution for Aerospace crated packaging.

It’s Easy to set up. Check it out!