Shipping Crate Value

We understand that for businesses time and money are almost everything. Our shipping crates come in a variety of shapes and sizes that help your company to be lean and efficient while making your customer experience unforgettably simple.

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  • NIt's simple
  • NImprove your bottom line
  • NKeep customers happy

Are you ready for convenience and cost savings?

We’ve seen this time and again: Simplicity leads to cost savings. That is why we created a solution that brings you everything you need without all the fluff.

Ship lighter, faster, safer without compromise.

  • NCollapsible & Stackable
  • NLighter Weight
  • NProtects Products Better
  • NEasy Assembly. Easier Unpacking.
  • NISPM-15 Certified
  • NReusable
  • NHeavy Duty Durability

Let’s take a minute to think about your customers…

Your customers may be hospital workers, mechanics, installers, or pretty much anyone receiving the package. When they receive a crate, do they really want an unpacking experience that requires a hammer and crowbar? No. They want to sip a mai thai on the beach. But you’ve sent them a job within their job.

What if it was different?

What if you gave them a simple customer experience? Lift the lid. That’s it.

  • No tools.
  • No injuries.
  • No hassle.

By making your crating decisions with the end in mind, you are setting your organization apart from all the other suppliers. 

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Have you considered the impact on your people?

Wood crates require power tools and crowbars, leaving valuable team members at risk of injury. They hustle only to get nasty splinters in the name of efficiency.

What if it was different?

Your team is your most valuable asset. Here’s how Ecorrcrate can keep your people safe—

  • Easy to assemble – no risky power tools needed for assembly.
  • Light weight
  • Reduces the risk of a lost time workplace injury event
  • Reduces worker fatigue
  • Improves morale
  • Paper surface reduces incidental contact risk.

By making your crating decisions with the end in mind, you are setting your organization apart from all the other suppliers. 


Save Space

Reduce your dimensions and save on shipping! Unlike traditional wood crates, ECORRCRATES® form a low abrasion, cushioning layer around your product. No need to add space for additional packaging layers to protect from contact with wood, nails or screws. Eliminate that wasted space!

Every ECORRCRATE you purchase is made to your exact size specifications!


Gain Efficiency

Quick and easy set-up – ECORRCRATES® are assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to set up a comparable wood crate.


Reliable Lower Cost

Stable material costs allow for all-around, more reliable, cost forecasting. ECORRCRATES® are constructed from corrugate, a much less price volatile material than wood.

We regularly invest in new equipment to gain manufacturing efficiency in order to lower our costs.

Our goal?! To remain the low-cost producer of highly reliable corrugate shipping crates!

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Reduce Storage Space

  • Constantly challenged to find more floor space? You are not alone! Floor space is an expensive commodity that eats away at your profits.
  • Less floor space needed for storage = more floor space for value-based functions = Higher Profit for you
  • ECORRCRATES are shipped in a knocked down, “kit” format, typically 11” tall on arrival. It is not uncommon to reduce floor space storage 300-400%!

Shipping Around the World

Ship Internationally with confidence!

  • ECORRCRATES® are 100% ISPM 15 certified for Export!
  • Corrugate products are readily accepted, and most often preferred by the recipients, in International Shipping!
Custom Crates Are Better

Custom Crates Are Better

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Make the Switch from Wood Shipping Crates

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