Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I ship my product in the ECORRCRATE® and it is exposed to rain?

The ECORRCRATE comes standard with ECORRSHIELD®, a recent technological advance that protects the exterior of the ECORRCRATE through water resistance.

How does the strength of the ECORRCRATE compare to that of a typical wood crate?

The key to the strength of the ECORRCRATE is the ECORRBOARD®, which is a patent pending product we use to make the ECORRCRATE. In lab tests it was able to meet or exceed the strength of most traditional wood crates. All of our walls and the top are made with the ECORRBOARD.

How can my company save money by using the ECORRCRATE?

The upfront cost to purchase the ECORRCRATE is less than most wood crates. In addition, the ECORRCRATE is typically less than half the weight of a comparable wooden crate creating additional savings on freight, especially if you are shipping via airfreight.

Can I ship the ECORRCRATE internationally?

The ECORRCRATE is exempt from ISPM-15 phytosanitary measures. No additional heat treating is required to send our product worldwide.

Is the ECORRCRATE recyclable?

The ECORRCRATE is 100% recyclable even down to the glue we use to bind the product and the water resistant coatings used to protect the product from moisture. To recycle the ECORRCRATE, you just need to clip the bands, collapse the walls and throw it into a recycle bin. In addition, the ECORRCRATE is made of recycled material.