Ecorrcrate 40x40x40


This 40x40x40 shipping crate weighs just 76 lbs but can hold up to 2750 lbs. It is made with durable cross-laminated double-wall corrugated lumber, providing the durability of wood with the lightweight benefits of corrugated materials. It is stackable, easily assembled, and eco-friendly. It has water-resistant ECORRSHIELD® coating and shock-absorbing elements for maximum product protection. It has an ISPM15 compliant heat-treated wood pallet base, though a pallet-free option is also available.

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This 40x40x40 shipping crate weighing just 76 lbs is a true powerhouse, surpassing all expectations with its impressive weight capacity of up to 2750 lbs. Expertly constructed using cross-laminated double-wall corrugated lumber, it seamlessly combines the unbeatable durability of wood with the lightweight advantages of corrugated materials. The ECORRCRATE® is delivered in a convenient knockdown format, allowing effortless storage while taking up minimal space.

Designed to be stackable and easily assembled, it offers an eco-friendly solution, helping to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. With its water-resistant ECORRSHIELD® coating and advanced shock-absorbing elements, it provides maximum protection for your valuable products.

Additionally, it features an ISPM15 compliant heat-treated wood pallet base, although the option to purchase without a pallet is also available.

Additional information

Weight 76 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 40 in
Internal Dimensions

36.5 x 36.5 x 34.5

Pallet Base

Wood Pallet Base

Wall Type

4-Ply Ecorrboard

Wall Thickness


Weight Capacity

2750 lbs

Stack Strength

7500 lbs