Ecorrcrate 30x30x30


This 30x30x30 Ecorrcrate weighs 46 lbs but boasts a heavy-duty weight capacity of 2000 lbs. It is stackable, eco-friendly, water-resistant, and comes with a heat-treated wood pallet base.

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This crate weighs in at a mere 46 lbs and measures 30 × 30 × 30 inches externally, with internal dimensions of 26.5 x 26.5 x 24.5 inches. Engineered with a 4-ply Ecorrboard wall construction boasting a sturdy 1-inch thickness, it confidently supports loads of up to 2000 lbs with a staggering stacking strength of 7500 lbs.

Arriving in a convenient knockdown format, this crate is a storage-saving marvel, occupying minimal space until it’s ready for action. Its stackable design and effortless assembly make it a go-to choice for eco-conscious businesses looking to reduce costs, streamline operations, and reduce their environmental footprint.

Shielded with a water-resistant ECORRSHIELD® coating and fortified with innovative shock-absorbing features, it ensures unparalleled protection for your valuable goods, rain or shine.

For those seeking compliance with ISPM15 standards, rest assured with our heat-treated wood pallet base option. However, if pallets aren’t your preference, we offer a pallet-free alternative to suit your requirements seamlessly.

Whether you’re shipping heavy-duty machinery or delicate electronics, our shipping crates stand ready to safeguard your products with unmatched reliability and strength. Choose excellence, choose our shipping crates for your logistical triumphs.

Additional information

Weight 46 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 in
Internal Dimensions

26.5 x 26.5 x 24.5

Pallet Base

Wood Pallet Base

Wall Type

4-Ply Ecorrboard

Wall Thickness


Weight Capacity

2000 lbs

Stack Strength

7500 lbs