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Jan 25, 2022 | Durability, Industries, Shipping Tips, Why Ecorrcrate

Anyone in HVACR manufacturing or distribution will quickly tell you that the products and parts are delicate and easily damaged if not handled correctly. This reality has led to the belief that wood packaging is often the right option for shipping these products. But is it?

In this blog, we will suggest a reboot of this decades-old methodology with a move to shipping in Ecorrcrate. Our newest customer feedback suggests that Ecorrcrate provides a better overall packaging experience for both the shipper and the receiver of HVACR products. Let’s see why…

Why are people still using Wood Packaging for Delicate Parts?

The greatest “perceived” benefit in wood packaging for HVACR applications is that the delicate product can be secured to the wood with bolts and screws to minimize product movement and potential damage in shipping. Beyond this, it is difficult to find additional benefits. It is presumed that wood packaging is highly durable and that the product will not be damaged in transit. However, customer feedback shows that this is simply not the case in today’s abusive supply chain environment. In fact, HVACR parts in wood packaging are damaged at a significantly higher rate than those shipped in Ecorrcrate.

What’s Wrong with Wood Packaging for HVACR?

  1. Wood is heavy and adds significant shipping weight to your package.
  2. Wood has near-zero moisture resistance. It easily penetrates wood packaging, and; moisture and metal are not a good combination.
  3. Wood does not hold up well in the abusive supply chain environment as it is not nearly as durable as it may appear. Freight carriers act as if wood is impenetrable and handle wood packaging carelessly. When wood packaging fails, it fails majestically.
  4. It is difficult to unpack parts from wood packaging without damage or personal injury. Unpacking requires pull-bars, hammers and power screwdrivers. In an instant, inadvertent contact with the delicate parts damages them beyond use and it is impossible to determine when and where the damaged occurred. This leaves you, the shipper, with all of the liability cost and damages customer-vendor goodwill.
  5. Wood packaging will abuse soft surfaces. In an ideal world, if all HVACR parts were shipped nicely and neatly into a warehouse or distribution center there would be less issues. This isn’t an ideal world. They ship into nearly any type of facility imaginable many of which are not ideally suited to receive wood packaging.
  6. Disposing of wood packaging is a huge challenge, especially in nonindustrial facilities. Wood is not easily recycled, leading to difficult and expensive disposal costs.
  7. Wood packaging is bulky and takes up a lot of floor space prior to use.
  8. Wood costs have skyrocketed and the cost of wood swings wildly and unpredictably.

Why is Ecorrcrate better than Wood for Shipping HVACR Products?

Ecorrcrate takes on each of these challenges to transform your shipping process and ensure a safer experience for your products and your employees.

  1. Ecorrcrate is lightweight and does not add significant shipping weight to your package.
  2. Ecorrcrates are highly moisture resistant so moisture is unable to penetrate the packaging quickly, if at all.
  3. Ecorrcrate is very durable and holds up well in the abusive supply chain environment. Freight carriers are more careful with corrugated packaging. The softer, more pliable material used in Ecorrcrate is highly failure resistant. (Check out our Drop Test Video.)
  4. It is easy to unpack parts from Ecorrcrate without damage or personal injury. Ecorrcrate requires nothing more than a pair of scissors to open. Unpacking requires no power tools eliminating inadvertent contact with the delicate parts that cause damage. It is now possible to determine when and where damage occurred, significantly reducing your liability cost.
  5. Ecorrcrate is easy on soft surfaces. Regardless of the receiving environment, industrial or nonindustrial, Ecorrcrate fits and far less risky to structures and people.
  6. Disposing of Ecorrcrate is easy. Ecorrcrate is easily recycled and will greatly reduce or eliminate expensive disposal costs.
  7. Ecorrcrates are streamlined as they are in knocked-down form prior to use and take up a fraction of the floor space needed for wood packaging.
  8. Ecorrcrates are made from corrugated paperboard which is a much more cost-consistent commodity making it much easier to stay within your annual budget.

As you can see from the comparison above Ecorrcrate combats every negative aspect of shipping in wood packaging and is proven to be a better solution and experience on each point.

Also, the design team for Ecorrcrate will help you reboot your overall package too. First, you have the option of a corrugate pallet base or heat-treated wood pallet base under the Ecorrcrate. Second, we will design a block and brace solution for the interior packaging using our proprietary Ecorrboard to secure your product in place. This eliminates or greatly reduce the need for screws and bolts. Finally, imagine shipping in a completely sustainable solution that virtually eliminates your damage risk.

The Ecorrcrate message to the HVACR industry is that we have a better, proven solution that will get you away from all of the challenges and negative aspects of shipping in wood packaging.  There has never been a better time than now to package smarter and make the switch to Ecorrcrate for the shipping of your delicate and damage-prone HVACR products and parts.

For more information on Ecorrcrate, visit our page at and fill out the contact form. Or, call us at (360) 673-0018 so we can get started on your packaging reboot right away.