the Right Solution

ecorrcrate-componentsECORRCRATE saves you money, is 100% recyclable and just as strong as a comparable wood crate.

Not only does the ECORRCRATE cost less than a comparable wood crate, but at less than half the weight, it saves you significantly on freight as well. And if you have limited space for storage or costs associated with your storage space, the ECORRCRATE can help there as well. The ECORRCRATE can be quickly and easily knocked down and reassembled, quickly saving you precious storage floor space (see below for the step by step process).

When you are done with ECORRCRATE, there is no special or heavy equipment needed to break it down, so it is safer than wood crating. And no special disposal considerations are needed. Because ECORRCRATE is made of recyclable materials, just place the knocked down ECORRCRATE in the recycle bin – DONE.